Editorial Team


Marco PELLITTERI, School of Journalism and Communication, Shanghai International Studies University (China)


Maxime DANESIN, Cultural and Discursive Interactions Research Unit, Modern Literature Department, Tours University (France)

Aurore YAMAGATA-MONTOYA, Independent researcher (Lithuania)


Alejandra ARMENDARIZ HERNANDEZ, Department of Sciences of Communication, University Rey Juan Carlos (Spain)

Matteo FABBRETTI, Graduate School  of Core Ethics and Frontier Sciences, Ritsumeikan University (Japan)

Christopher HAYES, Centre for Japanese Studies, University of East Anglia (UK)

Manuel HERNANDEZ PEREZ, Faculty of Arts, Cultures and Education, University of Hull (UK)

Fabio Domenico PALUMBO, Department of Ancient and Modern Civilizations, University of Messina, Messina (Italy)

Marie PRUVOST-DELASPRE, Department of Cinema and Audiovisual, University of the New Sorbonne (France)

Deborah Michelle SHAMOON, Department of Japanese Studies, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, National University of Singapore (Singapore)

Rik SPANJERS, Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis and Modern Dutch Language Department, Utrecht University (The Netherlands)

Bounthavy SUVILAY, Department of Modern Literature, University of Montpellier (France)

Guido TAVASSI, Independent researcher (Italy)

Jamie TOKUNO, Independent researcher (USA)


Marco BELLANO, Department of Cultural Heritage, University of Padova (Italy)

Jean-Marie BOUISSOU, International Research Centre, European Training Programme Japan, Sciences Po CERI (France)

Christian GALAN, Centre of Japanese Studies (CEJ), INALCO, Paris (France)

Marcello GHILARDI, Department of Philosophy, University of Padova (Italy)

Winfred KAMINSKI, Faculty of Media and Media Education (IMM), TH Köln (Germany)

Pascal LEFÈVRE, LUCA School of Arts, Campus Sint-Lukas Brussels (Belgium)

Boris LOPATINSKY, Department of African and Asian Studies, Shanghai International Studies University (China)

Ewa MACHOTKA, Department of Asian, Middle Eastern and Turkish Studies, Stockholm University (Sweden)

Paul M. MALONE, Waterloo Centre for German Studies, University of Waterloo (Canada)

Toshio MIYAKE, Department of Asian and North African Studies, Università Ca' Foscari di Venezia (Italy)

Yohei NAGATO, Kyoto Seika University (Japan) and Kyoto University of Art and Design (Japan)

Nissim OTMAZGIN, Department of Asian Studies, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel)

Eiji ŌTSUKA, The International Research Center for Japanese Studies, Kyōto (Japan)

José Andrés SANTIAGO IGLESIAS, Department of Fine Arts, University of Vigo (Spain)

Dixon WONG, Global Creative Industries Program Department, The University of Hong Kong (China)


Charlotte DROVER, Independent (UK)

Lea KLEIN, School of Modern Languages, Cardiff University (UK)