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Pellitteri, M. “Editorial”. Mutual Images Journal, Vol. 2, Mar. 2017, pp. 1-4, doi:10.32926/2017.2.pel.edit.


Mutual Images, the journal, is the intellectual offspring of a small cultural and academic society officially registered in France in 2014. Two young French scholars, Aurore Montoya and Maxime Danesin (who are now the President and Vice-President of Mutual Images), after a very fruitful academic year 2010-11 spent as visiting students at Kōnan University (Kōbe, Japan), decided to take a bold and stimulating intellectual initiative. They therefore embarked in the design and organisation of an interdisciplinary workshop for students and young academics, dedicated to the theme of “mutual images” between Japan and Europe in the fields of arts, social sciences, anthropology, cultural studies, visual media, and literature. As the venue of the workshop’s first edition in 2013, they chose Kōnan University itself, thanks to the kind and enthusiastic cooperation of their former professors there. I myself was, at the time, [...]

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