A Few Remarks on the Notions of Japan and Japanese Culture in Europe


Japanese culture
Mutual Images

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Pellitteri, M. “A Few Remarks on the Notions of Japan and Japanese Culture in Europe”. Mutual Images Journal, no. 1, Aug. 2016, pp. 1-21, doi:10.32926/2016.1.PEL.edit.


The philosophy from which the Mutual Images was born is that of exploring the reciprocal influences between Japan and Europe, with an emphasis on the visual cultures. It started as a workshop, hosted every year by a different partner university, in Europe and in Japan. The quality of the papers presented and the increased interest and responses of researches over the four years that the Mutual Images workshop has been running has incited us to complement it with this peer-reviewed publication. The first issues are fed by some of the papers presented in the past workshops. However, in the long term, the Mutual Images Journal aims at evolving on its own and receiving paper submissions independently from participation in the workshops. The first two editions of the Mutual Images Workshop began to approach the large family of topics that can be contained in such a wide and fascinating keyword. This was done through the selection of six of the papers presented during the first two workshops (2013 and 2014) plus my introductory remarks. In these notes, I will list a series of aspects concerning the concept of “mutual images” applied to the influence between Japan and Europe, with a focus on the importance of youth subcultures in the importation process of the so-called “J-culture” in Europe. Let us begin from the word Europe. [...]