Editorial – Vale, annus horribilis. Salve, annus mirabilis?


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Pellitteri, M., and J. A. Santiago Iglesias. “Editorial – Vale, Annus Horribilis. Salve, Annus Mirabilis?”. Mutual Images Journal, no. 9, Dec. 2020, p. IX-XIV, doi:10.32926/2020.9.pel.edito.


Dear readers, students, fellow scholars,
welcome to this ninth instalment of Mutual Images.

Say goodbye to 2020, say goodbye my baby

This issue is a peculiar one, for three reasons. The first: it is the second and last of 2020, and we know how difficult a year this has been. When you will read these lines, it will most likely be 2021 already, and even though some most relevant improvements in our lives may be still yet to come — such as being vaccinated, travelling freely, jumping into the caressing sea waters, and storing inside a drawer all the unused masks, hopefully forever — at least we will have this nasty creature, 2020, behind us. The double-twenties has been a difficult object to handle also for Mutual Images, both the association and the journal. We had to [...]

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